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Under same local ownership since 2000!
Merle Norman Cosmetics, Wigs &
Monticello Marketplace, Williamsburg, VA   
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February 14, 2014

Looking for a discontinued
Merle Norman product?

Call or email us and let us know
what you are looking for!  We will
do our best to find it for you!

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We accept and sell
gently used designer
handbags!  We have
over 200 handbags!!

Take a look at pics on our
handbag Facebook page at:

Consignment Handbags

Bring in your good, used
designer handbag and we
will sell it for you!!

70/30 split!
For 13 years we have been the preferred
ear piercing place for daughters, moms
and grandmothers!  We offer a clean,
professional environment.  The piercing
is done only by Diane, owner of the
studio and has been the only one
performing this service for the last 12
years!  We use the
Inverness system
which offers the most Safest,
Most Technologically
Advanced Ear Piercing System on the
Call for an appointment at
(757) 220-0053
Monticello Marketplace
(Near GNC)
Wigs, Hair Wraps & Turbans
We have Raquel Welch Wigs!

We pride ourselves in having a calm,
caring environment for women undergoing
chemo treatments and are in need of a
wig!  No appointment needed.
Call for information.